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Priyal is a resourceful, talented and good-hearted person. Blessed in many ways, she believes life has been kind, always having good guides at her crucial moments. She believes in herself and has faith and trust in good and truth.

Creative since childhood, she took to painting in her teens and painted her way through management college, involved in several fine art activities. She then went onto study photography & digital imaging. She has worked as a commercial photographer for 9 years, (2009-2018)- running her company which was a photographers’ collective and also assisted photographers in Nairobi, Kenya. She has also taught photography at St. Xavier’ College to Mass Media students and conducted several photography workshops, outdoors and indoors, for beginners. Work lead to travel and photographing, and she discovered her calling of photography- based art, combining artistic elements (inspired by wedding album designing) with her monumental and spatial photographs, based on her experience of growing up around concepts of spaces all her life, invoking a feeling of augmented reality and Filling The Missing Piece Of A Puzzle. A feeling which is like something or the other is absent from our lives, no matter what we do or how hard we try, really, we simply cannot have it all, but all along, you realise, it’s always been about making the most, and truly just enhancing, what we already have, and coming to a point where you have more than what you always wanted!! This is the thought and inspiration behind the way that she goes about creating Paintographs.

Thereafter, she participated in exhibitions across the country at galleries and currently at a top interiors store in the city of Mumbai- ‘Vaishnavipratima- The Interiors Store’. Her art was exhibited at The New York Metropolitan Pavilion in 2018. She has also pursued an education in Indian Art History and Curatorial Studies. She thereafter worked as a research professional in a museum consultancy company, and worked part-time writing for a lifestyle magazine. She was also felicitated by the Iranian Government for her Research and photos on Irani Cafes in Mumbai city. She recently got featured by The See Me International Art Community as one of the top 100 artists in the world in May, 2020 for her contribution to the Art Saves Humanity Conversation with her art. She now creates Covenant Digital Art, which is suggestive art on the premise of people and their spiritual promises and bonds encouraging them towards small pleasures of life which impact the world!

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“Covenant Art Saves Humanity- This is what my artwork is about… Inspiring People!”