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I am a modern day artist nurtured at Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum and Rachana Sansad College of Fine Arts. I successfully ran an organised company of professional wedding photographers under the name Snapix after working for a photography collective company in Nairobi, Kenya. I have taught at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai & also currently hold photography workshops on aesthetics with Graphy of Unacademy. Work led to travels which led to discovering Paintographs, which is an exploration between paintings & photographs, invoking a feeling of augmented reality about the excitement and feeling of being awe-struck when being around breath-taking architecture, transporting you on location with the feelings that come with it. It can be compared to a glimpse of a video transition.

Have had several exhibitions, some are at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, ‘Vaishnavipratima- The Interiors Store’, Mumbai & at The Metropolitan Pavilion, MET, New York. Have pursued an education in Indian Art History and Curatorial Studies & also worked in a museum consultancy and have written for lifestyle magazines on Art. Was felicitated by the Iranian Ambassador. Also featured by The See Me International Art Community in May, 2020 for a series dedicated to The Covid-19 front line workers.

Now, I am working on a concept called Covenant Art which is about recording the journey and the meaning of existence, focusing on little pleasures of life that impact and inspire all! I believe that, to be able to retain the precious moments, is sublime. This is the balancing act of subtleties. It makes one feel proud and good. It brings about a different expression of whom or what one is. It describes the complexity of one’s existence, concentrating on the subtle pleasures, thereby acting as a reminder of what truly matters after all. It is about telling one’s unique stories, creating an impact, in an inspirational manner. I was awarded for this artwork concept by The Petrichor Touch for this concept amongst top 20 artists in India, announced in January, 2021. I work in the Wallpaper and Wall Art Mediums.

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“Covenant Art Saves Humanity- This is what my artwork is about… Inspiring People!”